Callie & Kahler

“Seraphina is an absolute delight to work with. She’s a joy to spend a photo shoot with and puts everyone at ease (my husband hates getting pictures done, yet we’ve had numerous sessions with her + her husband). She’s extremely talented and her work is truly one of a kind. Thank you, Seraphina!”



Sarah & Logan

“My husband and I aren't naturally photogenic, but Phina is always able to make us feel so comfortable during our shoots that we now have beautiful photos that look like they belong in a magazine. My favorite thing about Phina's photography is that she is somehow able to capture the simple and ordinary things in life and make them look like extraordinary pieces of art. Every photo that she has taken of my family truly reflects our personalities and love for one another. I look forward to many future life moments being photographed by Phina.”



Taylor & Zachary

“I’m so thankful I was fortunate enough to be able to have Seraphina capture our most important memories during our time in Hawaii. From our first anniversary photos, to maternity, to the birth of our twins. She is extremely easy to work with, super friendly and goes above and beyond to make sure she captures exactly what you want! Her husband was also able to help my stiff husband be able to relax and feel comfortable for photos! I can’t recommend Seraphina photography enough! “



Kristle & Angelow

“I met Seraphina while her and her husband, Marcus, were stationed in Hawaii. We built a friendship over time and she would effortlessly take phenomenal photos of me on hikes, beaches, and indoors. Her ability to capture the natural moment and the pureness of her work is absolutely amazing. Not only that but her personality and character is loving and her free spirit gives you comfort and the confidence during photoshoots. No matter what you do, she will always capture the best angle. My husband and I were blessed with the opportunity to invite Seraphina and Marcus to our elopement on the beach and as well as a couples photoshoot as a wedding gift, here on Oahu. They captured the most memorable moment that I and my husband will cherish for a life time. Thats the greatest thing about photography, it freezes a moment or a snapshot of an event and creates a visible memory that you can share with family & friends... and when you get a well rounded, knowledgeable, and confident photographer behind the camera the possibilities are endless. 

Seraphina is one of the most skilled and passionate photographer that I have ever met. You will not be disappointed.”